Sunday Spin 15/4/2012

So the sun is shining but its cold for April..too cold but everywhere is dry with a hint of slime according to Doctor Don O Connor of the Institute of Gnarology …So it was Djouce again today, thanks to Niall Davis who fixed it up for last weeks Gravity Enduro, shes riding sweet ! The place was over ran with people, even the posh Horse riding Queens asked me was there a race on again !

I think and now, don’t think I’m mad or nothing, ok, its just a crazy idea ; everytime there is a race , somebody from the whoevers running the show, should look at getting the venue turned in to a Trail Center, ok, maybe a bit of extra work would be needed but colour me mental, 300 people rode the place to death over 2 days, some of them had barely ridden a bike before the event nobody got killed, there was no user conflicts, no trees were harmed and strangely enough, everybody had a great time !! So why not and don’t laugh at me, I’m sensitive, organise to turn a fantastic resource like Djouce woods into a community adopted multi usage trail center, charge for parking, pay some out of work Banker or student to take care of the place and hey presto, a steady income..everybody would appreciate the security, if they were real smart they would get a REC 3 qualified person to do it, theres feckin loads of them cluttering up the mountain, stick an old emergency stash in a 20 foot Container and keep it secured in the car park,  theres so many unemployed people, retired people scratching their arses, students looking for cash, theres even insured, bonded outdoor educators looking for a foothold in these I crazy ? The thoughts of providing a job and security and even some sense of safety would be a great thing.

Heres a photo of some nice people enjoying the wilderness !


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